Girl, Wake Up

Jairus’ Daughter

Wake up, sweet little girl.

You are not dead, just sleeping.

Jesus, take her small, lifeless hand.

Find her where life has stalled. Stopped, been interrupted.

Those around her are mourning.

They weep.

They do not understand.

Jesus, take her small lifeless heart.

Find it where it has stopped beating, hoping, breathing.

Those around here are mourning.

They weep.

They do not understand.

Jesus, wake her soul, her spirit, her mind.

Find her where she stopped believing, seeing, loving.

Those around her will rejoice.

They praise.

They understand.

Many who are found in the sex industry are viewed as unreachable, untouchable, unchangeable. They are not dead. They are not gone to us. They are just sleeping. Jesus longs to reach into their stalled life and wake them up to all he has to offer….new life, new hope….redemption and renewal. Just like Jairus’ daughter, they wait to hear a voice call them back from a place of brokenness and hurt. He is speaking. He is whispering into their ear.

"I love you, daughter. Wake up and be whole.”

Do you know this story of a little girl raised to new life?

A ruler in the synagogue comes to Jesus. He throws himself at the feet of Christ pleading on behalf of his dying daughter. He begs for her. He cries for her. He mourns the potential loss. He will do anything to see his daughter well again.

“Put your hands on her so she will live!”

This father knew where to place his faith and his daughter.

And Jesus stood up and left with him. Isn’t that a Jesus type thing to do? The crowds were crazy. People pressed in on them from every side. While they were walking, Jesus felt someone touch his cloak. It was a brief touch, but he knew who it was. He knew what she needed. He knew who she needed. Even though he was on his way to see this sick and dying little girl, he paused to heal a woman. This woman had lost her hope. This woman had seen doctors. This woman had done all she was told to do to get well, but this sickness of her blood remained. But in that touch Jesus healed her.

“My daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your trouble.”

This woman knew where to place her faith and her heart.

And Jesus continued walking. He continued until he reached the home of Jairus. He walked past the mourners. He walked past the weeping family. He walked in and picked up the little girl’s hand. Outside they wailed,

“She is gone, she has died.”

He responded by telling them, “She is only sleeping.”

“Talitha koum.”

“Little girl, I tell you to get up!”

This time the girl did the walking. Jesus had done the healing. He did it through his touch.

Both the woman and the girl were stuck. They were stopped by what ailed them. They were in a place of sleeping. Jesus was touched by one and touched the other. Both were awoken. Both became new.

Jesus loves women. He loves women who are sleeping and broken and hurting and those that need healing. He loves women that are lost in the broken places. He longs to touch their slowed and stopped hearts and start them again. He wants them to know where to place their faith and their hearts. He is always saying,

“Little Girl! Wake up!”

He is always saying,

“My daughter your faith has made you well.”

It is his way.

Please join with us at Priceless Ministries as we seek to wake the sleeping and hurting in our community. Please join with us in placing these daughters, these women, and their hearts closer to the touch of Jesus.

Join with us in prayer, praise and practice.