Unto The Least of These

'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of these, you did it to Me.”

This verse has become synonymous with serving people we view as less fortunate than ourselves. It is used in remote clinics. It is used in food pantries and soup kitchens. It is used in orphanages, church nurseries and nursing homes. It is used in hospitals and prisons. It is used in bars and yes, it is used in strip clubs. When we say these words to describe others, we might just be missing the point. “The least of theses”, who is this, really? That is a pretty, profound question. The answer is the response to yet another question being asked about Priceless Ministries. How will you minister to women caught up in the sex industry without judging them? Both are tough inquiries and neither should be taken lightly. No one wants to enter a relationship holding the stamp of disapproving “least” at the ready to be placed on the heart of another. And that brings us back to “the least of these”. Who is it? What does that really mean in the act of service for Christ? Here’s the answer. We ARE all the LEAST. Poverty can be so many different things. It can be a lack that is spiritual, economical, emotional, physical… We all have areas that are broken or empty. Every human on the planet has spaces that are waiting to be filled by a Jesus that loves, a Jesus that sees the want and seeks to fill it to the full. That man in the hospital bed might be dying from disease, but have a joy filled heart. The mother in Haiti may have walked twelve hours to enroll her child in school but has a grateful heart for the opportunity of an education. The person in prison may have done unspeakable things but has been met behind bars by a Savior who has set him free. They all have some most and they all have some least. Just like the rest of us. We all have broken places…. Jesus sees the heart. He sees the need. He sees the least. We are all that least. That is how the friends of these women will come to them…at their own broken humbled leasts. They

will come to the table of giving gifts with a humble and needy heart. Recognizing that they have nothing to offer besides the life-changing, broken-place healing love of Jesus. Only Jesus can see the inner workings of the soul. He knows the real reason for service. Only He can see our "leastness". The first order of prayer is for humility. To do any ministry well your heart must be humbled to a place of complete obedience to the call to serve and minister no matter the person, no matter the circumstances, no matter the location. Yes, they will be going into a strip club. Yes, putting judgements away will be hard. God will help them clear their minds and hearts so they think of this as entering a holy place, wholly at God’s feet and ready to do what He asks. They will ask God to make them less and less until they are the least of the least. That is the only way it will work because the broken can recognize a counterfeit from a mile away. Less and less and less until we are the least of these then we can help our brothers or sisters in a way that changes the heart. That is the key. Judgement will be left not on the door step of these establishments, but it will be laid down at the foot of the cross in the weeks prior to contact. Practicing humility. Will you please join us in prayer, practice and provision as the team prepares to become less so he can become more. Make much of Jesus. We all have a need.