Every Good Gift

What if no one had ever given you a gift, or anything for that matter, without expecting something in return?

What if nothing was ever handed to you without the lack of an expectation?

What if “no strings attached” was not part of your life story?

That is the truth for a large group of women caught up in the sex industry here in the Wabash Valley. Their lives are a cycle of giving with others taking. No one is asking what they want or what they need. No one is seeing the girl behind the “services” provided. No one is giving. Her life is transaction after transaction draining her of all that is inside…..until she’s void…empty…waiting.

The definition of a gift is a thing given willingly without payment or present or expectation of a return.

A gift is not earned.

A gift is not purchased.

A gift comes without thought of what will be received in response.

Gifts convey a message. Here is something for you, just you, from someone that cares.

If you had never received anything like this you might misunderstand. The free gifts would need to continue over time for you to open your heart to the giver. It would take time, most likely a lot of time. It would take investment. It would take consistency. Long-term relationship comes from long-term ministry. It comes from delighting not in the response, but in the opportunity to serve. Priceless Ministries hopes to provide this type of care to women working in the area sex industry. Yes, Terre Haute has a sex industry. Yes, we are called as Believers to minister to those who are lost and have a need. This ministry would like to bring light into this dark world. The precepts are simple, yet effective. They are hard yet, rewarding. Gifts, often ones that speak to the heart of women, will be presented. The gifts will be consecrated in prayer during their making, packaging, wrapping and in process of delivery. A prayer team will be active while the presenting team interacts with these sweet women. These prayers will petition for the understanding of good and perfect gifts. These prayers will request a preparation of hearts for love and care. Jesus is a perfect gift. He gave without expectation. He gave knowing that sometimes there would be no result. He gave knowing that time and consistency of love leads to true relationship with Him. Priceless Ministries will follow his model. They long to touch the broken hearts of these women and help them see the Father of Light within the midst of their darkness. Please join with them in prayer, practice and provision.

James 1:17a

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…..